Coquitlam, BC


City of Coquitlam

Project Description:

The City of Coquitlam (the City) engaged Water Street to investigate the creation of a new Zone 3A to address low pressures in the eastern portion of the City’s Burnaby Mountain Zone. The Burnaby Mountain Zone supplies water to the Mara Pressure Zone by the local Mara Pump Station and five other zones via pressure reducing stations.

The study used GIS methods to analyze the current water system and two different Zone 3A options. of completing a city-wide assessment of its creek network by completing a pilot study on sections of Scott Creek and Nelson Creek. The work included developing a high-level creek hazard classification and rating system that would enable the City to evaluate the feasibility of inspecting the creeks by walk-through assessments or using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones).

The purpose of the classification and rating system was to identify and rate the severity of bank erosion features, creek blockage features, and sediment transport features. Walk-through and drone assessments of the same creek segments were completed to compare the accuracy and effort involved in each approach. The information collected during the assessments was used to develop a cost estimate for completing the city-wide assessment and to provide recommendations for next steps including the development of a drone specification and assessment process.

The project included numerous challenges. Of particular concern was the large amounts of vegetation that made LIDAR surveys impossible and walk-through and drone surveys difficult, time consuming, and dangerous.

Consulting Team:

Project Lead, Civil Engineering :


Field Work:

Spitfire Drone Survey

First Person View (FPV) Analog Drone used for site survey

WSE was retained by the City of Coquitlam to investigate the creation of a new Zone 3A to address historically low pressures. Two options to achieve this were explored using the model and tasks included model validation, scenario development and estimation of lifecycle costs.