Ecommerce. Up your delivery speed.

Ship your products pre-cleared and duty free with Carson’s ecommerce brokerage services

In response to the exponential growth of ecommerce sales, Carson has developed a suite of services to assist retailers and vendors shipping directly to Canadian and US consumers.

Our extensive experience working with some of the premier brick and mortar retailers puts us in a unique position to assist brands whether they are moving to ecommerce for the first time, or going international.
We have developed an eCommerce process that reduces the tax burden on retailers while ensuring optimal customs compliance.

Carson’s know-how can help you get the lowest rates on duty and taxes, eliminate hated COD charges and maintain competitive pricing to increase customer loyalty and repeat sales.

Our ecommerce Services

  • HS Classification
  • Duty Calculation
  • GST, HST & PST Consulting
  • Eliminate COD Charges
  • De Minimus into the US
  • Preferred courier pricing
  • Zero customs delays
  • Returns management
  • Dropshipping
  • Fulfillment
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