US Customs Brokerage

No matter what you ship or how often you ship it, trust Carson to deliver fast U.S. customs clearance. Let our experts help you reduce costs and eliminate uncertainty at the border.

As your trusted U.S. customs broker, we see every shipment as an opportunity to optimize compliance and reduce costs. We leverage our relationships with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and partner government agencies (PGA) such as FDA and USDA to ensure your shipments are imported on time and in compliance.

US Customs Brokerage Services

  • Remote Filing at any location in the US to handle imports nationwide
  • Annual or Single Entry Customs Bond
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF) 10 + 2; Unified filing; ACE filing; EDI solutions
  • Preparation of U.S. Customs import and export documentation
  • HTS Classification and Binding Ruling requests
  • Foreign Trade Zones: Take advantage of the United States Foreign Trade Zones program to reduce your tax burden and streamline trade activities.
  • Reconciliation, audits and drawback advisory services to recover duties previously paid

Why use Carson for US Customs Brokerage?

  • Experienced Government Liaison: we communicate with U.S. Government agencies such as FDA, USDA, DOT, EPA, FCC on your behalf
  • CTPAT Certified
  • Fast U.S. customs clearance
  • Boost customs compliance and reduce trade risk
  • Build efficient import processes
  • Take advantage of free trade agreements
  • Exceptional supply chain visibility with best in class software